Finally, legal online streaming – Thank you CTV!

For months and months, I have heard about those wonderful services in the United States that allow you to watch television shows online for free – legally. Sites such as Fancast, FOX on Demand, and Hulu, that restrict their viewers to the United States, leaving those of us residing in Canada in the dark.

Well it is time to rejoice fellow Canucks! We finally have a service that streams television shows online – legally – and for Canadians! I present you: The CTV Video Player.

I recently discovered it while searching for a site that would play the most recent episode of Fringe. Sure, they interrupt the show to play commercials, but they are fairly negligible as they are usually less than 10-15 seconds each. The only problem is that if you’re playing them in full screen, it will take away the full screen mode to play the advertisement, forcing you to go into full screen again.

But who am I to complain? CTV gets online ad revenue, a greater online presence, and I get a way to watch shows I love!

Here is the complete list of shows the CTV Video Player hosts:

1. Canadian Idol 2008
2. Comedy Now!
3. Corner Gas
4. Degrassi: TNG
5. Desperate Housewives
6. ER
7. etalk
8. Flashpoint
9. Fringe
10. Gossip Girl
11. Greek
12. Instant Star
13. Grey’s Anatomy
14. Live The Drama
15. Mad Men
16. Private Practice
17. Robson Arms
18. So You Think You Can Dance Canada
19. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
20. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
21. Two and a Half Men
22. Canada’s Walk of Fame
23. Whistler
24. TMZ

Pretty nifty, eh? Check them out here.