The CTV Olympics App and AirPlay Mirroring

If you’re like me, you want to watch very specific sports and events at the Olympics, and what they play on the television channels isn’t always what you want to watch.

Well thank goodness CTV made an app for that, called CTV Olympics London 2012. You can watch any event that is currently playing, and I was thrilled. I immediately went to the men’s basketball game that was going on (USA vs France) and the video loaded up and started playing.

CTV Olympics London 2012


Then I tapped the video to AirPlay it onto my Apple TV so I could enjoy it on a larger screen while I went about my day.

Oh, what’s that? CTV built a custom video player UI that blocks any sort of volume control and AirPlay options? Trying to force AirPlay (via the iPad task bar controller) doesn’t work?

CTV Olympics London 2012 Video Player

Well that’s not nice.

Thankfully, there’s a way around that.

CTV Olympics London 2012 iPad AirPlay Mirroring

  1. Double tap the Home button on your iPad to bring up the task bar.
  2. Swipe left on the task bar until you get to the controls section.
  3. Tap the AirPlay button, and put it on your Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled devices.
  4. Turn ‘Mirroring’ on.

And ta-da, the 2012 Olympics are now playing on my TV!

Remember CTV, restricting my ability to improve my experience with your apps is not a great way to go about doing business. People will rebroadcast your streams regardless of having access to AirPlay, the only people you are making it harder for are legit viewers like myself. Don’t think I didn’t catch the fact that you let an ad play over AirPlay before causing an error.

Be nice to your viewers, content holders.

UPDATE: It appears that you also cannot scan through a video replay of an event. Attempting to scan through the video causes it to start from the beginning. Don’t cripple our experiences, CTV.

  • Justin Kozuch

    “Be nice to your viewers, content holders.”


    Thanks for pulling this together, Jon.

  • Dan

    Doesn’t work for the iPhone app though eh?

  • Jon Lim

    It does not! iPhones, as far as I can tell, can’t be forced into AirPlay Mirroring via the task bar controls.

    It sucks, I know. :(

  • Jon Lim

    Thanks for reading and sharing, Justin!

  • Ruth

    Doesn’t work for me and none of the other videos on demand on the CTV site work either. They never have. The online coverage is AWFUL. Make the video work, not just link to a “photo” of something when you push “play” HORRIBLE. This hasn’t worked from day one.

  • Jon Lim

    Are you using the CTV site to stream? The stream for the app wasn’t working from 11AM to 1PM EST today (July 30, 2012) and it’s fixed now, but was a bit silly.

    Hope it’s fixed for you now!

  • Cheryl

    Anyone else find that the feed on the tv is choppy when you stream through apple tv? When I watch directly on iPad no problem, but when I send it to the tv it lags big time…..

  • Jon Lim

    I run into that occasionally – you may be doing a lot of stuff via the network, which may be affecting the throughput of the wifi to Apple TV.

    I turned off some of the applications on my network and it smoothed out again!

  • Justin Kozuch

    Anytime, my friend.

  • Leona

    Thank you sooooo much! I purchased Apple TV just to watch the London Olympics and I am appreciative for your blog that made it all possible!!

  • Jon Lim

    No problemo, Leona, glad I could help! Enjoy the rest of the Olympics. :)

  • Hnic

    Unfortunately, mirroring didn’t seem to work for me. I’m in Switzerland and using a VPN on my iPad, but when I try to mirror to apple tv I get an error. Other mirroring works fine, but not this for some reason!

  • Jon Lim

    Really weird. Does Apple TV show the “An error has occurred” message? Or something else?

  • fd

    hi, i tried to do this with my ipod, but I guess it does not give me the option of mirroring. any suggestions?

  • Jon Lim

    Hey Felix, unfortunately, iPods and iPhones don’t have the option of AirPlay Mirroring. It’s only available on the iPad.

    Sorry about that!

  • Kavita

    Hi – I’m mirroring on my iPhone 4s (ios 5.1.1) on my apple tv 3…. Just click the mirroring option. I tried without mirroring too initially. Does anyone know how to make it full screen on the apple tv? Thanks!

  • Jon Lim

    Huh, guess I should have tested it on my 4S! Sorry about that.

    Not sure what resolution it throws it up there as, but I just zoomed the TV itself into the picture. Not an elegant solution, but it works!

  • Anton

    Although mirroring does transmit the stream to your TV, it does not do so in HD as true AirPlay would. This seems as an intentional restriction. Even the official Olympic you tube channel – – does not support AirPlay. Not sure what the reasoning behind this restriction is.

  • Jon Lim

    It was pointed out to me that the licensing issues around broadcasting the Olympics are kind of complicated. That said, I assume it costs more to be able to stream in HD in terms of licensing.

    Or they’re grossly incompetent and inept. I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning.