On My Actual New Venture

Yesterday, I wrote a post, On New Ventures and Making the Right Decisions. I received an unexpected amount of feedback because, well, it sounded like I was starting a new venture and was announcing it to the world.

Well, I am, but I didn’t mean to use that post for that. Darn.

To the many people who took the time to read the post and personally reached out to offer their support: thank you. A million times thank you to Dessy, Brian, Duane, Jay, Aleks, Rob, and Ray for being the kind and supportive souls that they are.

However, I figured I should probably elaborate a little more on what’s going on.

That sounds like a good idea.

The Next Three Months

Make no mistake, I am definitely starting something new, but a business may not sprout for the next couple of months.

The reason is that when I left my last job, I told myself that I’m going to take a serious crack at making a product. Never mind what, I needed a way to build it in the first place, so I’m taking the next three months to seriously learn development. Seriously.

I’m starting with Python because I’m familiar enough with it (thanks to first year university comp sci and Codeacademy) to get started quickly enough, and it’s a popular enough language now that there are plenty of resources to learn from should I get stuck.

So how will I be learning?

I will be creating small apps that solve little problems I have, or are just plain cool.

Yes, seriously. The first thing I’m working on is a script that connects to the Last.FM API to pull my entire play list throughout the years (approaching 50,000 plays over four years!) to categorize them by genre and separate by the year it was played in. I just want to visualize the change in my musical tastes over the years.

That’s it! Nothing entirely special, but it will give me a good foundation to start with using Python, including figuring out what functionality each piece of the script will need as well as the libraries I’ll need to import to even connect to an API.

I budgeted this week to code and design the main parts of the app, but I refuse to determine the app for the second week because I do not know exactly how much time I need for this. However, I will basically be building apps on a weekly basis until I get to the point where I can create a much larger scale project and feel comfortable taking it from start to finish.

In The Bigger Picture

Three months isn’t a lot of time to accomplish much (despite what my wallet thinks) but I figure it will also give me three months to create a project that I will be happy to work on for the foreseeable future and has a sustainable business model from the start. I’m not entirely sure what it will be yet, and that makes me a bit nervous, but we’ll tackle that problem when we get there.

These three months will be a time for the creation of a solid development process as well as a solid idea generation process. It would be foolish to think that an idea is just going to find me and smack me over the head.

At the end of the day, I just want to spend every single day of my life working on projects that excite and challenge me. This is the beginning of the foundation that I am building.

The unknown can be a tad frightening and intimidating. I can’t say I’ve made the right decision right off the bat, but I know that this is the decision I wanted to make anyway. Besides, what’s the harm in venturing into the unknown?

Let’s go exploring.