On New Ventures and Making the Right Decisions

For the past week, I’ve been struggling to verbalize (on paper, mostly) how I feel about making the plunge back into starting my own venture. It’s a life filled with highs and lows that always makes you question everything about what you’re doing, so it can be a bit difficult to write about.

Well, as with everything else in life, someone else wrote it better than I ever could.

In a thread on Hacker News where someone announces that they’ve done the scariest thing they can imagine: resigning from their job and starting their own company in the Netherlands, Ed Weissman posted this wonderful comment on what’s to be expected:

The good news: If you think you’ve done the right thing, then you have. Congratulations!

The other news:

  • Your runway is probably 50% of what you think it is.
  • Your task is probably 200% of what you think it is.
  • It will take 200% of what you expect to get your first customer.
  • Your wife will get scared before you do.
  • Some customers will take forever to pay.
  • You’ll probably have to backtrack on your design / architecture.
  • When you need to sell, you’ll want to code.
  • When you need to code, you’ll want to sell.
  • Your MVP will be missing something critical.
  • At some point, you’ll question your decision.
  • At some point, someone will discourage you.
  • You may need to pivot your entire business.
  • In a year, you won’t be who you are now.

I don’t mean to discourage you. I just want you to bottle that enthusiasm for later use. You’ll probably need it.

Best wishes!

Here we go.