Being Lost

Hi, my name is Jon, and I’m a bit lost in life.

*pauses for greetings*

I’ve spent the last month flip flopping between ideas, contemplating re-joining the working force, and generally being unhappy. I started September with the idea that I could take a serious attempt at becoming a good developer and building a web product that would give me some level of monetary comfort. Progress was good, until one day I sat down and just did not feel right.

I beat myself up for pursuing ideas purely for the sake of a piddly amount of money, ideas that did nothing to better the world. In short, I felt that I was selling myself short and I was underachieving.

From there, I set out on the hunt for ideas that could make a meaningful impact on the world, to society, or at least better the lives of those who really needed it. However, this started this rather vicious cycle of falling in love with an idea, realizing that I don’t have any sort of expertise in this space, and becoming dejected at the idea of being “just the business guy” in a venture, and then being sad and frustrated that I haven’t figured things out yet.

Right now, there’s no happy ending in sight.

So why would I bother writing all this out and telling people? Because, as awesome person Guy Gal told me when I told him this story randomly: “Success is all in the recovery.”

Things will get better. Eventually. And no, it won’t be because I wait patiently for an idea to strike home; things will get better because I will work hard to create opportunities for myself. I am going to go out there and pound the pavement, meeting new people and learning about problems, and taking a crack at creating the solution. It’s going to be disheartening, frustrating, and difficult.

But who said success was going to come easy?

Jon is a coder by day, and a multitude of things by night. These things include being an avid gamer, an amateur chef, and a professional food destroyer. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn and say hello!