Happiest of Birthdays

Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday.

Typically, I don’t acknowledge it or make a big deal, but yesterday was really fun. It was a work day, but it was just so… satisfying. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Midnight phone call from my better half
  • Stepping out of my door and sinking into a full foot of snow
  • Seeing the stark contrast between our game today and our game two weeks ago
  • Logging onto Facebook, seeing dozens of messages, and logging right out of Facebook
  • Awesome birthday cake (as pictured above) from the team
  • First win at Pandemic, after two false starts, during game night
  • Arriving home to find my Kindle Paperwhite had arrived, two days after ordering

Just a happy, happy day.

Thank you to everyone who spent the time to say hello and send their love, I will respond to everything. I swear.


Jon is a coder by day, and a multitude of things by night. These things include being an avid gamer, an amateur chef, and a professional food destroyer. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn and say hello!