The Potential of Fitness Bands (as of early 2015)

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to write a product review on the Staples TechHub on the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone UP24, comparing the two side-by-side. They’re lovely products, and the sheer act of having a physically visible device on my wrist kept me thinking about my current activity levels and […]

Patience, Planning, and Anticipation

I remember a few months ago, I was at an event where I was clearly one of the older people in the room, but still young enough to be able to relate, a student asked me: “If there was something you could tell to yourself when you had just started university, what would it be?” […]

Life Lessons From Reddit

When I surf through Reddit, I occasionally find threads that are just worthwhile to save, because they make me laugh, because they’re interesting, or because they cause me to think. Tonight, I found one of those threads that really made me think, and you can find it here: What is something someone said that forever […]

2013: Year in Review

2013 has definitely been my year: I managed to get into my dream career, I went on the trip of a lifetime through four European countries, and I finally flew the coop and moved out on my own. Despite that, I have spent the last couple of days (when writing this, in late 2013) feeling […]

October French Month: Week 1 Progress Update

Original Post: October Project: Back to Basics with French! After spending 15 minutes every day on Duolingo, every day for a week, I seem to be making solid progress. Level 5 in French, completed Basics, Basics 2, Phrases, Food, Animals, and working on Adjectives and onward. The most difficult part has been setting aside time […]

October Project: Back to Basics with French!

My September project failed miserably – I hardly had time to spend thinking about structuring an entire website let alone having the brain power to do so. I can’t blame anyone but myself but I’m course correcting and picking projects that are much smaller in scope and therefore much easier to keep up with! October […]

My Advice to Young Me

I’ve spent most of my teens and twenties listening to advice. Follow your passion, don’t give up on your dreams, do what makes you happy… I bet you’ve heard it all. Not that I’ve become jaded or cynical, but that sort of advice never served me well. I’ve compiled some advice that I would have […]

Goodbye Nights: The Start of Small, Actionable Projects

There are 24 hours in the day, and I already spend around 20 hours a day sleeping, eating, commuting, or working, which leaves just about 4 hours for whatever it is that I can cram in there. Those 4 hours are about to disappear. Starting in September (that’s THIS month!), I will be attempting to […]

Happiest of Birthdays

Yesterday was my birthday. Typically, I don’t acknowledge it or make a big deal, but yesterday was really fun. It was a work day, but it was just so… satisfying. Here’s the gist of it: Midnight phone call from my better half Stepping out of my door and sinking into a full foot of snow […]

2012: Year in Review

Yes, you know it, it’s time for that ever clicheed end of the year blog post/review/brain fart! Well, I didn’t do one of these for 2011, and I was only setting goals with my end of 2010 post, so I thought it would be nice to start the tradition of looking back on the past […]