Thoughts on Ubiquitous Photography

If you follow my blog (hello, all five of you!), you’ll have seen a post I made in October talking about scaling back in social media. Funny enough, there was something else that I subconsciously scaled back: capturing moments with my camera. I like to think I’m a photographer. I bust out the camera, whether […]

Scaling Back on Social Media

For the past few months, I’ve been scaling back on the amount I share on various social networks. My tweets have been coming with less frequency, I no longer use Path or Instagram, and I’m not sure I am even using Pinterest correctly. I’m not knocking anyone who uses these platforms on a regular basis. […]

Being Lost

Hi, my name is Jon, and I’m a bit lost in life. *pauses for greetings* I’ve spent the last month flip flopping between ideas, contemplating re-joining the working force, and generally being unhappy. I started September with the idea that I could take a serious attempt at becoming a good developer and building a web […]

On My Actual New Venture

Yesterday, I wrote a post, On New Ventures and Making the Right Decisions. I received an unexpected amount of feedback because, well, it sounded like I was starting a new venture and was announcing it to the world. Well, I am, but I didn’t mean to use that post for that. Darn. To the many […]

On New Ventures and Making the Right Decisions

For the past week, I’ve been struggling to verbalize (on paper, mostly) how I feel about making the plunge back into starting my own venture. It’s a life filled with highs and lows that always makes you question everything about what you’re doing, so it can be a bit difficult to write about. Well, as […]

A Cautionary Tale for PC Builders & A Sad Rant

Almost two months ago, near the tail end of June, I had made the decision to purchase all of the parts I would need to build a computer rig that would be strong enough to play the latest and greatest computer games that were coming out. That’s all I wanted out of it. That’s right, […]

Why Can’t I Focus?

I take pride in being realistic in my abilities, my goals, and my confidence. I live my life with this knowledge: I am probably not smarter than you, I am probably not stronger or faster than you, but I make sure that I do my best to work harder than you. However, working harder than […]

On Saying Goodbye

Tonight, I found out that my grandmother has passed away. I’ve mentally prepared myself for this since I visited her in the hospital in San Francisco with my family, and yet this is not any easier. I’ve never had to deal with this in my life, so to put it bluntly: this is not easy. […]

Money, Evil, and Pragmatism

Why not worship money? At least its rewards are obvious and immediate. But no, that was simplistic. [Their] worship was more subtle, its ethics bound to those traits and habits that well served the acquisition of wealth. Diligence, discipline, hard work, optimism, the personalization of glory. And the corresponding evils: sloth, despair and the anonymity […]

30x25m lengths by the end of March – Achieved!

I lead a rather sedentary lifestyle, being glued to a computer for most of the day (and night!) while not really changing my eating habits. Neither of those facts about my life have helped my body in any way. I decided to shake it up a bit in March: I signed up for the YMCA, […]