Beauty of a Bride

On July 24th, my friend Belle asked me to help her film her bridal shower, and of course I couldn’t say no to my former LIVE Conference Co-Chair! It was a really fun, cute, and sweet event, makes me really happy to see Belle surrounded by such amazing and dedicated friends and family. Still learning […]

Good Company is Amazing

My weekend away with friends was a stunning success – had an amazing time, relaxed my butt off, and took some great photos. Flickr Set: Cottage – July 2011 I need to do this more often.

Away for the Weekend

Tomorrow morning, my friends and I depart for a weekend getaway to a cottage for the weekend. I am excited and I cannot wait to eat, drink, and be merry with fantastic company. I am trying to minimize the amount of electronics I bring along (since I always seem to bring the entire store) and […]

Tracking Ye Olde Expenses Using Google Chart Tools

Since I’ve started my hunt for a proper place to live downtown, another activity I’ve proactively started is to be a lot more careful about where and how I spend my money, in an effort to be able to afford rent and have enough money to continue to save. As a way of making myself […]

Look What Popped In Today!

What a lame title, I know. It’s been a long day, spare me! Anyhoo, I received a mysterious package today from Brampton, ON and I didn’t remember making anyone mad recently, so I checked for ticking noises. I cautiously tore off the brown paper packaging, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this: Well whaddya […]

More Books Than a Library

Last week, I tweeted about how quickly I read. I took a look at my Kindle along with my purchasing behaviour and was flabbergasted – I read, on average, one book a week. Seriously, for a guy who read at most one book per semester while in school, this is a maddening pace. Because of […]

Best Flight Ever, Thanks Porter!

Last weekend, I flew down to Chicago to get some rest and relaxation under my belt, and of course, eat mountains of food while I was there. One of the best decisions I had made was to fly with Porter Airlines. Now, I had never flown with Porter before so I wasn’t sure what to […]

Keep Dreaming, Pal

A friend of mine, who spends a lot of his non-working hours working on his music career, recently asked me to give him some feedback on the new video he had released. We’ve had a good back and forth every time he releases a new video and/or song, and I give him my honest feedback […]

Rookie Traveling Mistakes

If you have been following either my Facebook or my Twitter feeds, you are well aware that I am currently in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest Interactive (#SXSWi). So far, I’ve been acting as a shutterbug with my fancy pants Canon T2i, and hopefully that will continue. On the way down, I was stopped […]