“We do enforce this policy.”

I run a very small, very casual video games channel on YouTube called The Blundercast – I just record, edit, and post silly little moments that happen while I play games. It’s very much a labour of love, but I do happen to monetize a few videos just for a bit of coffee money here […]

Look What Popped In Today!

What a lame title, I know. It’s been a long day, spare me! Anyhoo, I received a mysterious package today from Brampton, ON and I didn’t remember making anyone mad recently, so I checked for ticking noises. I cautiously tore off the brown paper packaging, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this: Well whaddya […]

What I’ve Gone and Done

So it’s been a little more than two weeks since I made my last post, telling everyone what sort of jobs I was looking for. Well, I’m happy to (finally) announce that I found and joined, what is literally, my dream job. I have joined The Working Group! I am leading the charge for PostageApp, […]

Jamie Oliver’s Branded Video Content

Jamie Oliver has always been one of those guys I have a tremendous amount of respect for – he’s an accomplished chef, and he is on a mission to make people around the world healthier by giving them the knowledge to cook good food, fast. Well, I just noticed that he has a YouTube presence […]

The Nielsen Equation

In an effort to blog more and more often, I have set a goal for myself to watch one TED video every morning, and write a short blog post about it. So… let’s kick this off shall we?


I guess since Facebook is winning the social networking wars (Sorry MySpace) they are continuing to find ways to find out more about me, so they can continue to tell me some douchbag makes $75 an hour. So I guess they’re trying to expand their advertising game and I’ve recently started noticing they put up […]

When Logic is Left Out

Meet Hydra Vodka Water. Hydra Vodka Water was a product created by Vincor, a company that owns many well-respected wines in Canada. It was created as an entry into the alcoholic cooler market, that is extremely fickle, is made up of fad drinks, and has several heavy hitters in the industry. Vincor had five choices […]

Pandering to the Masses

I stumbled upon this article from Digg. It discusses DC Comics and their decision to kill off Bruce Wayne in the coming issues of the Batman comics. It cites the following reason in its decision: Comic book companies, like record labels, have found that the death of a big star is great for sales. When […]