Soulful Sundays / Funky DL – The 4th Quarter (2008)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I’m showcasing a great concept album from Funky DL – The 4th Quarter. I really like this album because of the concept. Funky DL serves up four different styles of songs: soul, new age, jazz, and authentic, in four different sections of his album. I feel that it works out […]

Featured Album Fridays / Starlight Mints – Change Remains (2009)

This week on Featured Album Fridays, a little beat of an off-beat album, but a great album nonetheless, Starlight Mints and their 2009 album – Change Remains. Here is the description of Starlight Mints from their Last.FM: Starlight Mints are a group of beautiful pop mutants: four oddballs whose love for archetypal pop music and […]

Soulful Sundays / Nomak – Musiq and Foto (2008)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I’m showcasing a fantastic instrumental album from Nomak – Musiq and Foto. What I really like about this album is that it is very calm, has great piano pieces, and is the perfect way to end a Sunday evening. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, the […]

Featured Album Fridays / Grammatics – Grammatics (2009)

This week on Featured Album Fridays, I am highlighting the self-titled album from a UK band called Grammatics – Grammatics. Of course, here is the description of the Grammatis from their Last.FM: Leeds-based Grammatics formed in April 2006 with best friends Owen Brinley and Dominic Ord deciding to form a band after the demise of […]

Soulful Sundays / Tony Stone – The Creation (2008)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I took a complete shot in the dark and found this album from Tony Stone, it is called The Creation. It’s a great album, less jazzy than I’m used to, but it is a great listen to. Pretty similar feeling with Jurassic Five, so I definitely loved it. Listened to […]

Featured Album Fridays / Other Lives – Other Lives (2009)

This week on Featured Album Fridays, I’m showcasing a fantastic indie album that was a great listen, the 2009 self-titled album from Other Lives – Other Lives. Here is the description of Other Lives from their Last.FM: Kunek was a genre smoothie. Toss some indie, folk, post-rock, and ambient in a blender and set to […]

Soulful Sundays / Samon Kawamura – Unfold (2008)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I am highlighting a fantastic album from a great producer and turntablist, Samon Kawamura. The album is called Unfold. I really loved listening to this album because it is one of the few albums that really has that jazzy hip-hop feel to it that I am so into. I am […]