Thoughts on Ubiquitous Photography

If you follow my blog (hello, all five of you!), you’ll have seen a post I made in October talking about scaling back in social media. Funny enough, there was something else that I subconsciously scaled back: capturing moments with my camera. I like to think I’m a photographer. I bust out the camera, whether […]

Feels good, man.

Awesome person, Pearl Chen, just pointed out that one of my photos for Ladies Learning Code made it into an episode of Penny Arcade TV’s Extra Credits entitled “So You Want To Be a Programmer (Part 1).” It’s not exactly a stunning achievement, but it feels good to know that something you’ve captured gets used […]

Good Company is Amazing

My weekend away with friends was a stunning success – had an amazing time, relaxed my butt off, and took some great photos. Flickr Set: Cottage – July 2011 I need to do this more often.

Handing off the SLR

While away on vacation, I would love nothing more than to have more pictures of myself actually enjoying the change in location and scenery. I bring a rather nice camera along with me (Canon T2i with an 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lens) that take wonderful pictures… in the right hands. I always hesitate to hand […]

Awesome Link: OliviaTech

I love discovering useful and/or educational content that is well made. That’s why I was quite happy to discover about OliviaTech, a blog of Olivia Speranza, sharing her tips and tricks about audio, lighting, photography, and videography. This is my favourite kind of site to stumble upon, because you immediately learn a million things. There’s […]