So You Want to be a Programmer

In my quest to become a programmer (coming from the world of marketing and product management), I am sometimes asked by my fellow newbies what it takes to get to a point where you’re ready to take on a programming role. Not that I’m the expert, but I’ve given it some thought around what really […]

Google Spreadsheets: COUNT with Multiple Values in Cells

It’s been more than two years since I wrote a post on using Google Spreadsheets to use COUNT and FILTER in tandem to count values with multiple conditions. Circling back, it does very well at allowing you to count when you need to validate multiple conditions. However, it falls apart the minute that your data […]

Goodbye Nights: The Start of Small, Actionable Projects

There are 24 hours in the day, and I already spend around 20 hours a day sleeping, eating, commuting, or working, which leaves just about 4 hours for whatever it is that I can cram in there. Those 4 hours are about to disappear. Starting in September (that’s THIS month!), I will be attempting to […]

Issues with Push Notifications for iOS

With the news that the Gmail app for iOS was updated two days ago, I decided to give it a go as a replacement to the native iOS Mail app. And for the first time in three years, Google apps are dominating the lower app bar on my phone. (Pictured above!) However, and this isn’t […]

Octocat Attacks: Our entry for the GitHub Game Off

Near the end of October, a blog post from GitHub caught my eye, entitled: GitHub Game Off. In short, GitHub was running a competition for game developers to build their games, host their code on GitHub, and have it loosely based on a git concept (forking, branching, etc). We were free to build it however […]

Week 1 of Coding: Ouch, right in the feels.

Ah, glorious Thursday. Not even close to the end of the week and I’m writing a wrap-up of my week so far. Want to know why? My project is broken. Yup, absolutely broken. Well, it works up to a certain point (and was really fun writing!) but there’s no logical way to finish it. Recapping […]

Gallery Separation with WordPress Lightbox Gallery Plugin

While working on a friend’s blog, I ran into a bit of a problem with having multiple Lightbox galleries on a page in WordPress: all images on a page will be in the same gallery despite being from different posts. It would basically mean that clicking on an image from one post’s gallery will allow […]

Feels good, man.

Awesome person, Pearl Chen, just pointed out that one of my photos for Ladies Learning Code made it into an episode of Penny Arcade TV’s Extra Credits entitled “So You Want To Be a Programmer (Part 1).” It’s not exactly a stunning achievement, but it feels good to know that something you’ve captured gets used […]

Creating an Image with Dynamic Text in PHP

As Christmas approaches, many of my friends have begun their countdowns to that wonderful holiday at the end of the year. One of my friends started her countdown back in August, when she opened up her calendar and had to count the number of days until Christmas and continuously keep track of what day it […]

Google Spreadsheets: Using COUNT with Multiple Conditions

This past week, I spent a good amount of time analyzing our current customers with PostageApp and figuring out some of the metrics that we use to determine the health of Postage. Of course, there’s only one tool for the job: a spreadsheet. Being somewhat familiar with Microsoft Excel, I figured this would be a […]