Stop using social channels to push, start pulling.

It feels incredibly weird that I still have to say this near the end of 2012, but stop using your social channels to solely push content. Yes, you have a captive audience. Yes, they want to hear what you say. Yes, they will retweet and like and re-pin every trivial thing you push out there. […]

Scaling Back on Social Media

For the past few months, I’ve been scaling back on the amount I share on various social networks. My tweets have been coming with less frequency, I no longer use Path or Instagram, and I’m not sure I am even using Pinterest correctly. I’m not knocking anyone who uses these platforms on a regular basis. […]

Goofy Pictures and Reddit

During lunch today, I stood up at my desk and looked across from me and I said “Hey Brian, you know what I want to do? Draw Ollie Williams on one of the windows and have him tell us the weather for the day.” Brian laughed. Brian always laughs at me. But he said I […]

Facebook Photo Comment View is Back!

When Facebook revamped its photo gallery feature, it removed one of my favourite features – View All Commented. In short, you could view which photos in a certain gallery were commented. That way, you can go through comments and easily respond all on one page. Well… it’s back! Excitement! It works exactly as it used […]

Look What Popped In Today!

What a lame title, I know. It’s been a long day, spare me! Anyhoo, I received a mysterious package today from Brampton, ON and I didn’t remember making anyone mad recently, so I checked for ticking noises. I cautiously tore off the brown paper packaging, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this: Well whaddya […]