Social Media

Stop using social channels to push, start pulling.

It feels incredibly weird that I still have to say this near the end of 2012, but stop using your social channels to solely push content.

Yes, you have a captive audience. Yes, they want to hear what you say. Yes, they will retweet and like and re-pin every trivial thing you push out there.

But why aren’t you listening to them?

If you follow me on twitter, and actually manage to catch me tweeting, you might know that I’ve been disappointed with GoPro and their lack of responsiveness.

Now, I’m a huge fan of GoPro. I have loved their products since the very start, and finally bought one with the announcement of the HERO3, simply because it could shoot 720p video at 120fps. Seriously, that’s all I wanted.

Well, I received my GoPro HERO3 Black Edition on Wednesday, November 14, 2012, and I spent the better part of that night playing with it. Learning the ins-and-outs, I quickly became accustomed to it and so I started to connect it to my accessories – no problems with the wi-fi remote that came with my HERO3, but any and all instructions on connecting to the GoPro iPhone app, which was pimped out on my packaging and all over their website, were for the HERO2 + Wi-Fi BacPac, and even a manual firmware update didn’t do a thing.


So I tweeted GoPro, thinking I’d get a quick response (they were tweeting at least once an hour at that point) but it never came. I tweeted again the next morning, thinking business hours would catch them, but… nothing.

It turns out, GoPro doesn’t respond to anyone. At all. Not on Twitter, not on Facebook, nothing. Hell, right now, I’ve been intercepting messages to their Facebook page and answering the questions that pop up about the HERO3 Black Edition and connecting to the GoPro app.

NOTE: The solution, if you were wondering, is that there is none. The HERO3 Black Edition won’t be getting a firmware update until December 14, 2012. That bit was buried in their features page for the HERO3, so I can’t complain about not being told. However, it still sucks that the packaging lead me to believe otherwise, but I can’t be mad about it.

I sent them an email to plead with them to engage with their audience. They may ignore it, and that’s most likely going to happen.

However, if you run any sort of consumer-facing company and you still don’t get it: PLEASE engage with people on your social channels.

I’m not asking you to respond to trolls and haters (though it’s an opportunity to swing them into your favour with your great responses) but I am simply asking you to fully utilize these channels that people come to have their questions answered and even just tell you how awesome you are. Plenty of companies are doing this correctly, and even if you’re the market leader in the industry (looking at you, GoPro) you should do everything in your power to build walls against any eventual competitors that come your way.

Stop just pushing, start pulling.

Scaling Back on Social Media

For the past few months, I’ve been scaling back on the amount I share on various social networks. My tweets have been coming with less frequency, I no longer use Path or Instagram, and I’m not sure I am even using Pinterest correctly.

I’m not knocking anyone who uses these platforms on a regular basis. They’re definitely where the digital world is heading, and people are definitely integrating them into their day to day communications.

But it’s just not for me.

This, coming from the guy who would post food photos at every opportunity, or would use twitter as a complaints board. It really just isn’t for me.

Why was I posting food photos anyway? What value was I contributing by doing so?

I couldn’t answer that question to myself in a satisfactory manner, so I stopped. Instead, I wanted to take the time I devoted to dilly dallying on social media outlets and divert it into being… a person. I wanted to have good conversations and not look at my phone. I wanted to write and create rather than consume the social channel feed.

And that’s where I’m going: back to creating.

Goofy Pictures and Reddit

During lunch today, I stood up at my desk and looked across from me and I said “Hey Brian, you know what I want to do? Draw Ollie Williams on one of the windows and have him tell us the weather for the day.” Brian laughed.

Brian always laughs at me.

But he said I should do it, and I was on my way. About 10 minutes later, I had a decent drawing of Ollie Williams up on the window, telling us it was cloudy.

Not bad eh?

Well, I went on to post it on Reddit thinking a few people might chuckle and potentially giving me an upvote. Boy, was I ever wrong.

The image above starts with the final count of the Reddit post as of this writing, and it climbed as high as 20th on the front page of r/funny (that I observed). The imgur stats are staggering: 9 hours up, 141,110 views, and 57.6GB of bandwidth!

I’m glad to have you in our office, Ollie, you’ve certainly made my day a lot more interesting!

UPDATE (12/7/2011): Final stats are amazing. 729 upvotes on Reddit, 198,146 views and 81.12GB of bandwidth on imgur. Madness!

Facebook Photo Comment View is Back!

When Facebook revamped its photo gallery feature, it removed one of my favourite features – View All Commented.

In short, you could view which photos in a certain gallery were commented. That way, you can go through comments and easily respond all on one page.

Well… it’s back!

Excitement! It works exactly as it used to, so thank you Facebook gods, for making my life that much easier.

Look What Popped In Today!

What a lame title, I know. It’s been a long day, spare me!

Anyhoo, I received a mysterious package today from Brampton, ON and I didn’t remember making anyone mad recently, so I checked for ticking noises. I cautiously tore off the brown paper packaging, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this:


Well whaddya know, I had completely forgotten that I received the Klout Perk for this! Popchips sent over a nice box of goodies; billed as the healthy chips that have been never fried or baked. Might be just the escape I need while I try to cut back my junky eating habits.

It came with a nice hand written note telling me to enjoy along with a bunch of coupons, a fact sheet, and a passcode to send this very care package out to my friends.

Thanks Popchips and Klout!

PS. If you wish to receive one of these care packages, just let me know!

Handwritten noteChipclip!CouponbookTaste that chippy rainbow, I guess.