Destiny: A Lengthy Review

It has been exactly one week since the much-hyped Destiny was released into the world, and I wanted to really give it a fair shake before writing anything about it. At this point, I’m a level 17 Exo Warlock, currently on the starting point of Mars, have had my fair share of time in the […]

Scraping Steam for Data using Python + BeautifulSoup

As promised in yesterday’s blog post about analyzing public Steam numbers, here are the juicy technical details behind scraping a website using Python, and a Python library called BeautifulSoup. The Method I chose to use Python because I’ve been using it for a little under two years to do number crunching, as well as building […]

An Analysis of Activity on Steam

I have wanted to flex my analysis muscles for quite some time and thought I’d get some practice on publicly available data: the Steam & Game Stats page. For the unaware: Steam is one of the largest gaming platforms available for PCs, and they have a wonderful stats page that lists the current number of […]

Gaming Links of the Week: May 19 to May 26

Oh hello, didn’t see you come in there. Lame jokes aside, I’m doing my best to get back into regular writing. It’s quite long overdue. To get the ball rolling, I’ve decided to commit to collecting interesting reads focused on game design and development because it knocks out two birds with one stone: it helps […]

Octocat Attacks: Our entry for the GitHub Game Off

Near the end of October, a blog post from GitHub caught my eye, entitled: GitHub Game Off. In short, GitHub was running a competition for game developers to build their games, host their code on GitHub, and have it loosely based on a git concept (forking, branching, etc). We were free to build it however […]

“We do enforce this policy.”

I run a very small, very casual video games channel on YouTube called The Blundercast – I just record, edit, and post silly little moments that happen while I play games. It’s very much a labour of love, but I do happen to monetize a few videos just for a bit of coffee money here […]

The Humble Indie Bundle #5: 5 Awesome Reasons To Buy

I put together a quick and dirty overview of the lineup for The Humble Indie Bundle #5: Amnesia, Psychonauts, Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP, and Bastion. For those unfamiliar with The Humble Indie Bundle: it’s a really great initiative to bring together an assortment of high-quality, cross-platform, independently developed games and letting the consumer […]

Don’t Mess with Gabe

Image: Penny Arcade – “Real Talk” Gabe from Penny Arcade about Ocean Marketing: ‎I have a real problem with bullies. I spent my childhood moving from school to school and I got made fun of everyplace I landed. I feel like Paul is a bully and maybe that’s why I have no sympathy here. […] […]

Secrets of Grindea

I found this gameplay video of an up-and-coming action RPG called Secrets of Grindea from Pixel Ferrets, showcasing their 4-player co-op. It reminded me of Secret of Mana in terms of art style and gameplay, so I was immediately interested. I can’t wait to give this a play with my friends.

Games I’m Playing!

One of those things that I get asked semi-often: What games are you playing? I don’t have all that much time for video games, but I do set aside from some time for gaming because it’s a fantastic outlet for me during really stressful times. That said, check out my new Games I’m Playing page […]