Featured Album Fridays / Bishop Allen – Grrr… (2009)

Happy Friday everyone! This week on Featured Album Fridays, I’m taking a look at an indie band Bishop Allen and their 2009 release entitled “Grrr…”. Another sneak peek release from JonLim.ca, because this album is due out on March 10, 2009!

Bishop Allen

Here is their description from Last.FM:

Bishop Allen is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band’s core members are Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, who are supported both on stage and in the studio by a rotating cast of musicial collaborators. The band was formed in 2003; it takes its name from Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the two lived together after college.

Bishop Allen has released two albums and 12 EPs:

Charm School (2003)

Charm School was Bishop Allen’s first record. Recorded in fits and starts over two years, it grew song-by-song as Rice and Rudder wrote and played in their spare time. They recorded all the instruments on the album’s 13 songs themselves, using drum loops to hide the fact that neither is a drummer, and almost everything on the record was recorded one track at a time in an ordinary bedroom. Backing vocals by Bonnie Schiff-Glenn and Kate Dollenmayer and supplementary drums by Coll Anderson, all added in the album’s final stages, completed the songs.

The EP Project (2006)

In 2006, Bishop Allen recorded and released an EP every month of the year. Each record was titled for the month of its release (January, February, and so on), and, with the exception of August, which was a 14-song live disc, each contained four new studio songs.

The Broken String (2007)

It’s a great sounding album and I very much enjoyed listening to it. But I’ll leave it up to you to form your own opinion on it. As usual, the stream is below, and comment if you like it!