Soulful Sundays / Kenichiro Nishihara – Humming Jazz (2009)

This week on Soulful Sundays, the 2009 album from Kenichiro Nishihara – Humming Jazz. Wonderful album, very relaxing, along the same lines as I have been posting as of late (Nujabes, Woodblue, Smooth J, etc) and I really hope I can keep finding these kind of albums. The stream is below, enjoy!

Soulful Sundays / Woodblue – North Letter (2007)

This week on Soulful Sundays, the 2007 album from Woodblue – North Letter. Wonderful downtempo album, along the vein of the same kind of people I’ve been posting as of late – DJ Okawari, Nujabes, Michita, and the rest of them. Take a listen, and I’ll probably be posting North Source next week, which is […]

Soulful Sundays / Michita – Three (2009)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I am showcasing the 2009 album from super awesome hip hop producer Michita – Three. Wonderful album, along the same vein as DJ Okawari, Nujabes, and Smooth J. I’m totally loving all these Japanese producers who create these crazy Jazz hip-hop albums. As usual, the stream is below, hope you […]

Soulful Sundays / DJ Okawari – Mirror (2009)

This week on Soulful Sundays, I am featuring the 2009 album from DJ Okawari – Mirror. Because I’ve been feeling a whole lot of piano lately, you can see that I’m making quite a bit of a run with these fantastic Japanese hip-hop influenced DJs. DJ Okawari is no exception, definitely along the lines of […]

Soulful Sundays / Two Fresh – Baker’s Dozen (2009)

This week on Soulful Sunday, I am showcasing the 2009 album from Two Fresh – Baker’s Dozen. It’s great to finally be back with this, I miss my beats! I found this great album from twin brothers Two Fresh – very reminiscent of Nujabes and definitely let me work the day away. The stream is […]