The Web Playroom

Had to share this one. Ze Frank creates all these wonderful projects that have tons of people sharing and contributing, and its because he has an engaged audience along with a willingness to try ideas that seem silly. Why aren’t you doing fun projects with your audiences?

The Deep Blue

Barbara Block talks about all of the effort her and her team has expended trying to tag a vast array of oceanic creatures. Having always had a love for the deep blue, this was just a fascinating talk overall. I love hearing about the habits of oceanic creatures and this was a great way to […]

Lessons for Non-Profits from Coca-Cola

Melinda Gates speaks out about lessons that non-profits can learn from Coca-Cola, and she advocates local marketing, and giving access to data so that the locals can solve problems quickly. Seems like a lesson we can all take away. The video is worth watching because it’s fascinating to hear about all of the efforts of […]

True Success

John Wooden talking about what is “true success.” He had this great quote that was told to him by his father: Never try to be better than someone else, always learn from others. Never cease trying to be the best you can be — that’s under your control. If you get too engrossed and involved […]

Quantified Self Improvement

Gary Wolf talks about all of the different methods we use to quantify different aspects of our life – heart rate, sleep habits, spending habits, and a whole whack of other things. Why do I care? Because of this quote: So, if we want to act more effectively in the world, we have to get […]

Where Great Ideas Come From

This great TED talk by Steven Johnson discusses how some of the great ideas in the world have come to fruition and the sorts of environments that have facilitated that sort of activity. My favourite part was him discussing how scientists get their scientific breakthroughs, and he mentioned this: They happened at the conference table […]

YouTube: Copyright Hero?

Margaret Gould Stewart, the head of user experience over at YouTube explains the Content ID system over at YouTube, and mentions that the minute you upload some copyrighted material, the rights holders get to determine what happens to your video. Once again, not a huge fan of copyright protection being too far and overreaching, but […]

No Copyright Protection – Doing Just Fine

This great presentation from Johanna Blakley discusses how the fashion industry, which does not have the luxury of copyright protection, is a flourishing and innovative industry despite their lack of protection. Being strongly opinionated on the matter of copyright protection, I felt I had to make a few comments. I think Johanna’s use of the […]

School Isn’t For Everyone

This blog post was inspired by Cameron Herold’s speech at TEDxEdmonton. As someone who’s grown up not really fitting into the school system and always trying to do things on my own, this speaks volumes. It was really difficult to get through all of school, and not because I’m dumb, but because it isn’t a […]

The Nielsen Equation

In an effort to blog more and more often, I have set a goal for myself to watch one TED video every morning, and write a short blog post about it. So… let’s kick this off shall we?