Featured Album Fridays / You Me & Iowa – The Adventures of You Me & Iowa (2008)

This week on Featured Album Fridays, I’ll be showcasing You & Iowa’s 2008 album – The Adventures of You, Me & Iowa.

Here is the band’s description via Last.FM:

In a city known for its silicone, soy lattes, and off-duty actors, it is no secret that Los Angeles is a city drenched in the unreal.

For You Me & Iowa, it is from this environment of artifice that their songs emerge. “This town has imaginary spotlights/ everyone thinks that they’re center stage” Andrew Carroll sings on “Runways and Freeways,” his voice reaching over the musical traffic bustling underneath. Carroll’s vocals wander from manic and vulnerable to powerfully loud while drummer Tony Benedetti deals out quick beats with dizzying precision.

Combining the raw intensity of Pinkerton-era Weezer, with the percussive chops of The Dismemberment Plan, and the melodic, pop meanderings of Death Cab for Cutie, You Me & Iowa is a force to be reckoned with.

Since their beginnings in 2003, You Me & Iowa played their dues around the West, performing with their up-and-coming peers: The Velvet Teen, Midnight Movies, Mellowdrone, Monsters are Waiting, and Rx Bandits. It is their vivacious live show that not only keeps their loyal fanbase fixated, but even won them “Best Alternative Rock Band” at the 2005 L.A. Music Awards.

You Me & Iowa build their songs upon a skeleton of pop sensibility filled with the flesh of experience. Tizoc Estrada holds an MFA in guitar and bassist Ryan Julio is trained in operatic performance, while multi-instrumentalists Ryan Ross and Ryan Marx man the keys and horns. With a resume like this, it would be easy to fall into the musical masturbation of prog-rock, but the band seamlessly juxtaposes musical technicality with the accessibility of unabashed ass shaking.

It’s a fantastic album and you should give it a listen! As usual, the stream is below. Be sure to comment if you liked the album!