ASUS Holiday Preview 2016

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend the ASUS Holiday Preview event for 2016, and got to check out some of the latest and greatest gadgets coming from ASUS.

Here are some of the devices that definitely caught my eye!

ZenWatch 3

ASUS ZenWatch 3

Price: $349 CAD
Availability: Exclusive through Best Buy

Shedding the old, square watch face of the ZenWatch 2, ASUS has managed to create a completely rounded circular watch face that is 100% used. Sporting quite the fashionable exterior and a fast charging battery, it's definitely a step up from many smartwatches available on the market.

The main watch body itself is a little thicker than I'd like on my watches, but would not look out of place while worn with almost any outfit.

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ROG G752VS OC Edition

ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition

Price: $3,999

I'm not so huge on gaming laptops, but this monster is too ludicrous to not be interested in.

Inside is an unlocked Intel Core i7-6820HK CPU and an unlocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, which necessitates the large bulge on the bottom and an air intake / exhaust section on the back that's more fitting on a Dodge Challenger than a laptop.

For those who don't need to overclock their gaming laptops, the ASUS ROG G701VI is also available, which has an i7 and GTX 1080 on board, but without having to look like a laptop that identifies as a sports car. (Didn't take a photo, sorry!)

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ZenPhone 3 Laser

Price: $279 CAD

Sadly, I didn't take a photo of this device either, but it definitely caught my eye because of how it was described to me.

One of the more affordable ASUS mobile offerings, being sold at $279 CAD, it also doubled as a battery bank thanks to its very large battery (3000mAh!) for a device that's not extremely demanding. Reportedly 22 days standby on 3G.

Altogether, it's great to see products come out that aren't so laser focused (hah) on providing top of the line this and that, and providing a greater level of utility for those who'd like a longer battery life for their mobile devices. (What's next, we start adding removable batteries back into the mix?)

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ZenPhone 3 Deluxe

ASUS ZenPhone 3 Deluxe

Price: $669 CAD

What caught my eye about the ZenPhone 3 Deluxe was its 5.7" AMOLED screen, the 23MP Sony Exmor camera sensor onboard, as well as its all metal exterior.

At the $669 CAD price point for the phone, it actually clocks in $380 less than both the lowest iPhone 7 Plus, and Google Pixel 5.5". ASUS has actually created a compelling alternative for price-conscious mobile buyers, who still wish to have high-end tech specs.

Performance of the phone itself is still out for the jury, but I'd certainly want to give one a shot and compare it against similar phones.

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Price: $6,499


I probably spent more time ogling this monster battleship of a rig more than (almost) anything else.

My gaming rig is getting a little old, and it was also custom-built for what I could afford at the time, so you can imagine how much I drooled when hearing about what's inside. A 6th gen Intel Core i7-6700K processor, a pair of SLI'd NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 cards, and lord knows what else.

I sat there and watched DOOM 2016 hit a consistent 125fps on a gigantic 34" curved, ultrawide monitor, and what I could only guess was max settings and on the highest resolution. I'm not sure how long I was there for, I just know that they left me to my devices and that was my happy place.

That said, it's got one hell of a price tag, and the entire setup with the monitor and gaming peripherals is definitely outside of my price range.

That said...

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Transformer 3 Pro + ROG XG Station 2

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro + ASUS ROG XG Station 2

Transformer 3 Pro Price: $1,599
ROG XG Station 2 Price: No Price (Yet)

The only thing that kept me longer than the GT51CA was this setup that they had in what I dubbed: "The University Student's Dream Setup" (Or at least it would have been mine.)

When I entered the room, I remember being somewhat perplexed by the random, glowing black box sitting on the table next to the Transformer 3 Pro. My initial questions revolved around the Transformer 3 Pro, which is packed with some high-end internals for a laptop / tablet: 6th gen Intel Core i7 6500U CPU, up to 16GB of 2133MHz RAM, and up to 512GB SSD of storage.

But then I asked about the box. "Tell me what's in the box!" I blurted out, like some moron on a game show.

"Oh, that's the ASUS ROG XG Station 2." said Colin, the ASUS rep who was giving me a tour of the products being previewed. And then he opened it.

ASUS ROG XG Station 2

In short, the XG Station 2 is an external PCI-e enclosure. They had an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 sitting inside, which connected to the Transformer 3 Pro via USB Thunderbolt Type-C port.


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Thanks to ASUS Canada for having me at their Holiday Preview event, and showing me around. Also, for letting me sit there and stare at the 34" ultrawide monitor, and for cleaning up the drool when the XG Station 2 was opened.

I'd love to get my hands on some of these products to really kick the tires!